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Adults with severe mental health problems and illnesses die up to 25 years earlier than adults in the general population, with cardiovascular disease being the most common cause of death (S2)

Sections, Interest Groups & Committees

In 2014, the Board reviewed the twenty-one (21) existing committees, working groups, and sections that had evolved over the course of time. Some were very active, others functioned minimally, and there were those that had ceased to function but had not been formally disbanded. Interaction between the Board and these structures was minimal, and, occasionally, directions were taken that had not been vetted by the Board. Without direction from the Board, necessary actions were not being addressed optimally and work was being duplicated.

To address these problems, the Board established six strong Board Committees to provide more cohesion to the work that needs to be accomplished on your behalf. Board members will chair each of the Board Standing Committees and will report on their activities at every Board meeting.

In addition to the Standing Board Committees, the OPA now has the following sections, interest groups & committees:

OPA Sections, Interest Groups & Committees

Interest Groups being developed

The OPA is currently working on developing the following interest groups. Please contact Cathy Hamilton if you are interested in participating in any of them: [email protected]

  • Academic Research Into Practice Interest Group
  • Graduate Student’s Interest Group
  • Hospital Psychology Interest Group
  • Mental Health and Addictions Interest Group
  • Military Psychology Interest Group
  • Out of Province Interest Group
  • Police/First Responders Interest Group
  • Primary Care Interest Group
  • Public Education Interest Group
  • Workplace Health and Safety Interest Group
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