IIBA International Conference

Chelsea Hotel - 33 Gerrard St W, Toronto, ON, Canada

The 24th IIBA (International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis) International Conference

Wednesday May 24 Registration and opening ceremony where we are in the world and our evolution.

Thursday May 25 The centrality of sexuality in all its manifestations: desire, passion, longing, love, affection, procreation, intimacy, and the ever-increasing understanding of the nature and importance of attachment and relationship in human life.

Two keynote presentations:
Dr Paul Lynch,MD Boston / Dr. Helen Resneck-Sannes Ph.D. California plus
12 afternoon workshops

Friday May 26 Social consciousness and social action: the insight provided by a bioenergetic understanding of how these attitudes and behaviors are structured into the somapsyche in the form of character organization and personality organization.

Two keynote presentations:
Dr. Gabor Maté MD Vancouver / Cristina Francisco Clin. Lic. Psychol. Brazil plus
12 afternoon workshops

Saturday May 27 The impact of chronic relational trauma and its effects on the soul and the somatopsyche. Two keynote presentations:

Dr. Allen Kalpin MD Toronto / Dr. Scott Baum Ph.D. New York plus 12 afternoon workshops

Sunday, May 28 Closing panel and audience discussion - Integrating these themes into our practice.

Get full Conference program details and registration for one day or the full program at the Conference website www.iiba-conference.org 

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