DBT Skills with Multi-Problem Adolescents

YMCA 20 Grosvenor St, Toronto ON
Dr. Miller is one of the treatment developers of DBT with Adolescents. He has been teaching DBT to professionals worldwide for over 20 years. DBT with Adolescents is now considered the gold standard for self-harming multi-problem adolescents. It has been adapted for various adolescent problems and settings including schools. This workshop will provide a clinical and empirical rationale for the application of DBT with teens in various settings. Dr. Miller will model how to teach the range of DBT skills to teens, caregivers and school personnel. He will demonstrate through group exercises and role-plays how to orient and obtain commitment from teens and caregivers to participate in DBT skills training. And he will describe how to build and maintain effective skills training groups and navigate challenges that arise in managing such groups.

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