Parenting Coordination: Foundations

Toronto, ON
This introductory course is suitable for mental health professionals, mediators and lawyers.
No previous experience or knowledge of parenting coordination is required. Topics covered:
  •  role of cognitive bias in assessment & intervention
  •  roles & functions of the parenting coordinator
  •  professional guidelines & training requirements
  • nuts & bolts of the PC process (referral management, screening & intake, informed consent & contracting, review of PC Agreement, parent education, consensus building phase (facilitation, management & skills for working with high conflict coparenting, involvement of children & collateral sources)
  •  review of social science literature & research on important topics relevant to working parents experiencing separation/divorce (impact of separation/divorce on children/adolescents, risk/resiliency factors, consequences of parental & coparenting conflict on children & adolescents, & its impact on parenting & the quality of parent-child relationships, models of coparenting, parenting styles & effectiveness, the impact of parent adjustment fathering on child/adolescent adjustment, parent-child contact problems
  •  arbitration phase (relevant arbitration legislation & regulations, procedures & writing of awards)
  • risk & benefits of including children in dispute resolution processes
  • developmentally informed protocol for interviewing children in PC, mediation & custody/access assessment
  •  ethical issues & dilemmas
Registration Fee: $1,275.00 + $165.75 (HST) = $1,440.75
(includes light breakfast at 8:30am & health break refreshments)
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