The Blue Ball

The Jewel Event Centre, Woodbriddge ON
Badge of Life Canada has a fundraising gala coming up on Friday, November 2nd:  "The Blue Ball" at The Jewel Event Centre location in Woodbridge. 
All proceeds raised go toward Badge of Life Canada Missions and Programs that help save lives everyday!
Badge of Life Canada is a volunteer charitable organization which supports police and correctional personal suffering from occupational stress injuries.  
Although Badge of Life Canada’s Mission is committed to police and correctional personnel across Canada, they network and collaborate with numerous first responder organizations including fire, EMS and military.  Their objectives are:
  • To promote health by providing active and retired personnel in policing and correctional services who have been diagnosed with operational stress injuries, including post-traumatic stress, with access to counselling, information and group support programs;
  • To advance education by undertaking funding research into the causes and effects of, and treatments for, operational stress injuries, and making the results of that research available to the public; 
  • To advance education by holding conferences and workshops, and providing educational resources, on topics related to operational stress injuries, including post-traumatic stress and suicide prevention; and 
  • To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purposes. 
Their website has a tremendous amount of information available to First Responder organizations, the members, their families, as well as the public.  Please feel free to share the information.
This ad funded by Dr. Jonathan Douglas and Dr. Robin Mitchell of Central Ontario Psychology                                                                                                 Click here for additional information
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