Facilitating Mindfulness with Pat Rockman MD & Evan Collins MD

University of Toronto Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle Toronto, ON M5S 3H3 Canada


This day-long workshop will take you through what is involved in facilitating mindfulness to
groups in any setting, whether in healthcare, the workplace, in education or elsewhere.
We will move between experiential and didactic sessions throughout the day as we examine how
mindfulness is mapped on to experiential learning.
The essential qualities and attitudes of a mindfulness facilitator will be explored as it relates to
embodiment and the inquiry process. Establishing participant guidelines and intentions, functions
and stages of the group and how the group teaches itself will be covered.
Lastly, we will address how to build a container of safety and work within your setting.

Learning Objectives:
● Understand how mindfulness facilitation is informed by experiential learning
● Know the stages of group process
● Learn how to create a group learning environment
● Learn best practices for managing a range of participant experiences
● Know how to investigate experience at an introductory level


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