Identifying and Working Through Problematic Parenting Patterns in Treatment

SickKids Centre for community Mental Health - Learning Institute 114 Maitland Street 2nd Floor, Seminar Rooms ABC Toronto, Prince Edward Island M4Y 1E1 Canada
Facilitator: Dr. Adele Lafrance, C.Psych

This training is intended for clinicians and therapists working with parents of children and adolescents. Dr. Lafrance will present Emotion-focused conceptualizations of problematic patterns of parenting, including relevant research tools and techniques to promote attitudinal and behavioral change in caregivers in a way that is supportive and productive. A module with practical strategies to manage challenging, or conflictual co-parenting dynamics that impact on child/adolescent development and mental health will also be covered. Ethical-legal considerations related to increased caregiver involvement, including when caregivers are severely under-resourced will be discussed.
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