Management Certificate: Leadership training specifically designed for health and human service profe

SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health Learning Institute 114 Maitland Street Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1E1 Canada
Facilitators:  Anne Bulstrode, BBM., FICB., Faye Marcotte, Susan Geary, PhD., Adam Lodzinksi, PhD., Marion Langford, M.Ed. 

This training is suitable for: All health and human service professionals looking to expand their management and leadership skills.

This certificate program is made up of the five-key management learning modules, that together offers participants the opportunity to fully explore the many exciting ideas and practices that make up the vast world of management. It will specifically target the key areas of importance for success in this field from the management of employee performance, to the effective use of time and tasks, to the mindful care of team members.

Module 1 | September 19: The Leadership Edge.
Module 2 | October 17: Foundations of Coaching.
Module 3 | November 14: Managing Employee Performance in Health and Human Service.
Module 4 | December 12: Holding Difficult Conversations.
Module 5 | January 16, 2020: Change Management.

Each Individual Learning Module may be taken separate from the Certificate Program as stand-alone workshops however, all 5 modules must be completed to receive the certificate.
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