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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is one of the most empirically-supported therapies available to address many clinical disorders even beyond Borderline Personality Disorder. Some of the key symptoms that DBT skills addresses includes confusion about the self, interpersonal chaos, mood lability, and impulsive behaviours.
Studies have demonstrated that participation in skills groups for a year which allows for two rounds of the skills series increases client’s use of skills
and decrease in dysfunctional coping behaviours and improved self-awareness. Teaching the DBT skills to clients easily dysregulated allows them to experience self-confidence and competence to mange their lives more effectively and develop sustaining relationships in many areas of life
(e.g. marriage, work, school, etc.)
The skills modules of DBT provide a wonderful introduction into the comprehensive world of DBT treatment. Learning and teaching DBT skills in either an individual or group format will equip your clients to build a solid foundation for a meaningful life. This course will provide you with the philosophy and format to teach all four standard DBT modules as well as two extra supplemental modules that can deepen you and your client’s respective skills toolkits.

Accredited by Ontario Psychological Association for 12 CE Credits
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