A Study Day on Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Infants and Parents:

Toronto Lawn Tennis Club, 44 Price St., Toronto, ON
Psychotherapy with Infants and Parents (PIP) is unique among therapies by inviting human beings, intimately linked but developmentally far apart, to remedy their emotions and relationships. The therapist's job is to discern the psychological roots to the parent's depression, anxiety, ambivalence, role confusion, or marital difficulties - and to the baby's depression, distress, and contact difficulties. To achieve this, s/he must descend to subterranean communicative pathways that interfere with the parents' and the child's wishes for a harmonious relationship. Such expeditions are often painful and terrifying for patients and therapists alike. Health care organizations and staff are also affected by the anxiety surrounding distressed dyads, which poses specific challenges.

To register online: https://www.capct.ca/childism-maltreatment-of-children-hidden-secrets-overt-and-covert-across-generations/                                                                                                                                                                          Click here for registration information
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