Hero's Journey:

114 Maitland Street | Toronto | ON
Hero's Journey: A Framework in The Treatment of Men Experiencing Trauma and/or Addiction, Giving Heroic Purpose to Men's Struggle with Shame, Vulnerability and Fear.
Dates:  February 1, 2019
Facilitator: Michel Jones, MSW, RSW, RP.
Description: Scholar Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey", is a primal story/legend/myth narrative that can be found in many cultures from around the world and through the ages. Harnessing this powerful narrative can help therapists come alongside their male clients in a non-threatening supportive way. This workshop will show how to use this concept as a framework in the treatment of men experiencing trauma and/or addiction, giving heroic purpose to men's struggle with shame, vulnerability and fear. Grounded within narrative therapy tradition, this workshop offers a constructive way to break down negative self-narrative and move to a more positive and realistic narrative. Together the group will be identifying current cultural stereotypes that reinforce unrealistic males’ expectations about self and interfere/stop with the therapeutic process. Michel Jones will review the concept of a hero's journey being about strength through acknowledgement of vulnerability and acceptance of connection to supportive others. Participants will learn to utilize Joseph Campbell's 7 steps of the hero's journey to provide structure to sessions in their own work and be given practical worksheets to support clients between sessions. 
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