Solution-Focused Brief Therapy & Counselling Certificate Program

Toronto, ON

The Solution-Focused Brief Therapy & Counselling (SFBTC) Program is intended to teach solution-building skills at a specialist level. Students will learn the skills to conduct interviews in which clients’ existing strengths and resources are utilized to help them find solutions to a wide range of human difficulties. The solution-focused approach represents a paradigm shift from the classical problem-focused and symptom-based, to a post-modern solution-focused and strength-based interventions.

A minimum requirement for individuals applying to the Solution‐Focused Brief Therapy &
Counselling program is a bachelor’s degree or bachelor’s level training in psychology or a
counselling related degree profession. Individuals who pursue the Solution‐Focused Brief
Therapy & Counselling program often have graduate‐level credentials in Psychology, Social
Work and come from other therapy and health related backgrounds.
Solution‐Focused Brief Therapy & Counselling Program Certificate Information:

There are 9 courses included offered for the Solution‐Focused Brief Therapy program. To
complete the certificate, learners must finish 6 courses

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